Top Most Interview Questions Recruiters Generally Ask

The recruiter has sent through a calendar invite for an interview in 36 hours. There is no time to waste; it is time to study. If time is of the essence, hone in on the questions that other candidates have been asked in the past. “But how do I do that?” It has millions of [...]

Preparation for Interview for a Senior Level Job – Part 2

You have to be really conscious regarding the senior positions as they are tricky when it comes to the interview. It is always recommended to get prepared and confident for any position so it does not look you are appearing for an interview for the first time. Here are the remaining points you should work [...]

Preparation for Interview for a Senior Level Job – Part 1

If you’re mid-career and think all interviews are the same, no matter your level, think again. Preparing for a big interview for a momentous step up in your career should not be overlooked. To help make sure you know what to expect and how to nail an interview for a Senior-level position, here we have [...]

How to avoid 10 biggest mistakes made by New Managers? – Part 2

Becoming a manager may sound easy but handling this position can be difficult at times. As a humanly factor, it is normal to make mistakes when you become a manager at initial stages. Here, we have enlisted few tips to make sure you avoid making such mistakes. If you have missed the previous ones, check [...]

How to avoid 10 biggest mistakes made by New Managers? – Part 1

Every new manager messes up at some point. Obviously, they can as it is a humanly factor. Though it is but it is possible to avoid and cater them flawlessly. What really matters is whether he or she responds with grace and humility, is quickly able to formulate and enact a recovery plan and learns [...]

Manager Needs to Master These 9 Skills – Part Two

Where do you stand? Do you want to progress in career? Well, yes! Everybody wants to progress and go ahead in career in all perspective but this requires hard work and smartness. Here we have enlisted the 4 out of 9 skills you should master at as a manager or to be a manager. Previously, [...]



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