What s communication? How we perform it?
Communication is imparting or exchanging of information, such as thoughts, opinions, writing, sending messages, and the list goes on, on how we communicate. When we communicate in an assertive style we influence the effectiveness in the following areas:
• Level of stress
• Relationships with others
• Ability to meet your goals and achieve your dreams
• Satisfaction with your life
There are three ways of communicating, one is spoken communication which have two different components, by being verbal and paravermal. Secondly is being non-verbal, by showing gestures or even body language. Lastly is written communication by sending a text message, fax, or email.
Styles of Communication:
Passive, Passive-aggressive, aggressive, assertive
These are four major styles of communication. Most of us use assorted styles of communication depending on the situation, our moods, and the behaviors of the person whom we are attempting to communicate.
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