Do you think LTC companies are ready to have honest conversations, and brain storm together, to find solutions for the well-being of their employees? 

After speaking with many High to Mid-level Executives, and front-line employees, it has become evident that there is a huge need in the industry for a discussion, along with some big changes.

Our world has changed, but our on-boarding and our Employee Support System, in Senior Care, has not.

You see, I think you will agree with me that Donuts Mornings, Pizza Parties and Fridays Jeans Days are not doing the job of managing retention issues, staff burnout, promoting self-care, and keeping employees happy, or healthy.

There must be other ways that will move people forward and keep them balanced in some way, within an industry grossly out of balance, and with some of the highest disconnect between personal and professional life.

I am inviting you to take part in an attempt that can change our whole industry, for the better, and promote changes that are not only much needed, but much deserved.  As a LTC Employee or Executive, these are possible changes that can directly and personally affect you, one day.

Today, I would love to find out from you …

What initiatives, or attempts, has your company taken to help employees well-being on physical, mental or emotional level?

What initiatives, or attempts, has your company taken to help employees with stress management? 

I would love to hear from any of you who have any successes to share, no matter how small or big.  Because after all, my hope is that by sharing our successes we can inspire each other and give each other ideas on how to, not only take care of our residents, but also take care of our employees.


So, stay with me, and please feel free to participate in our emails and soon to come YouTube videos.  Your feedback and involvement in our industry forum are much, much needed, and greatly appreciated!

All discussions are kept totally confidential (unless you prefer to be speaking out loud), and you will never be quoted in any way, shape or form (unless you would like to be. :)) 

My goal with this initiative is to discuss the true challenges within Senior Care and LTC Employee Management, but most importantly share positive solutions, and contribute within an industry I personally love, and I know is a calling for most of you.

I truly believe that we can create LTC Employee Culture Change, just like many companies have been able to create Patient Care Culture Change.  It is time that we take it up a notch, and ask the hard question, put our heads together, and come up with solutions that will change the future, and destiny, of our beautiful Senior Care Industry.

What do you think?

I would love to hear from you!




Our Employee Culture Change Initiative



Victoria Brahma

CEO and President 

Aim Healthcare Recruiting