You should look for a way to make sure you are fulfilling these needs. It is significant because more productivity comes with happiness at work. There are numerous advantages to find out a job that makes you cherish about. No one wants to suffer from the Sunday Night Blues to Monday morning miseries to Tuesday terrors and much more. You got our point, Right?

There are many researches and studies carried on this factor of being happy in work place. One study came up with happiness levels of more than 12,000 working professionals, showing up better performance of happier workers. They develop closer relationships with co-workers and encourage them for better ways to work. As a common fact, if you are happy with your work, you will invest more energy and time into the job. You are thinking about it, Good!

How do you be able to get the personal happy place? This research made gives you some help regarding the happiness be brought to employees and what exactly you can be one of them?

Feel Accomplished
According to the survey, a sense of accomplishment is the strongest driver of happiness for employees under 35 years old. Employees want to feel like they are having an impact on the company which means they need to see the results of their work.

How to find it in your current job? If you want that sense of accomplishment, set benchmarks for yourself and focus on making progress toward small goals. For instance, if you are working on a 6-month project, set progress check-ins every one to two weeks to make sure you are doing great. By seeing that you have moved the dial and you will feel more confident in your work.

How to find it in your next job? Look for signs that the team or department you would be working with is driven toward achievement. These signs may include employees mentioning things like “regular check-ins with the boss” or “great feedback” or in other words like “goals” or “benchmarks”. Ask the hiring manager or Healthcare Recruiters if applying for healthcare department that how he or she defines success and how he or she drives the team to achieve. Moreover, depending on your field, you might also look for systems that are set up to drive results, such as agile methodology in project management.

Positive Reinforcement
Feeling appreciated is the second-biggest driver of happiness for workers, the survey found. People want to feel like they are putting out great work which is really a humanly factor and necessity. Recognition, of course, can come in many forms such as, from a simple Thank You email to a promotion or salary bump.

How to find it in your current job? If you are not receiving positive reinforcement from your own boss, it does not necessarily mean that you are underperforming. He or she just might not be great at communication. You might just need to actively solicit feedback from your manager. We recently wrote about how to do this.

How to find it in your next job? Company reviews and matter play a great role with its honest opinions about whether or not current employees feel like they are appreciated, so check them out while you’re deciding whether or not to take a new job. If you see multiple mentions of things like “I was never thanked for my hard work” or “I never knew if I was doing a good job,” see those as red flags. For further information regarding healthcare positions and department, consult to Senior Living Recruiters.
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