As previously discussed, there must be a golden chance where you get to choose between two jobs. Well, yes! We know it is exciting but can be difficult to choose one over the other. How you can make the right decision and gracefully turn down the other one?

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Guidelines to Choose Between Two Jobs – Part I (Blog)

Here, we are glad to have the chance to guide you with ways to choose between two jobs in a better way. Check out the remaining:

Figure out what matter to You
What benefits are worth getting excited over? Well, that depends on your priority. Identify the dimensions of the offer that are important and relevant to your decision. You can seek for guidance with one of nearby Healthcare Recruiters for healthcare positions.

For example, one company might have excellent maternity and paternity leave policies as well as onsite childcare but that might not be relevant to you at all. Free quarterly car detailing is great but it does not matter much if you take the bus to work. On the other hand, you might really appreciate a company’s generous bonus policy or having summer Fridays off.

Create a scoring sheet to quantify the elements of each job offer such as shown in the image below. Doing so will allow you to really understand the trade-offs you are making going from one offer to another.

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Use tool of negotiation wherever needed
Imagine your heart is set on the first offer because you like that company the most. Let’s also imagine that the first offer is worse than the second one. What would need to change in that first offer for you to go ahead and sign? That is an important question to ask. Seeing the positive elements of the competing offer can give you ideas for your negotiation—like asking for more personal days or a more flexible schedule. you may even consult with Senior Living Recruiter regarding healthcare positions.

Listen to your gut
Weigh any red flags that emerged during the interview. Did you get a sign that it is a potentially toxic work environment? Was the boss checking emails while you were speaking? Or did the interview last until 7 p.m. and was the office was still full of people working?

Do not forget to pay attention to how comfortable you felt talking to the people who were interviewing you. Candidates often overlook one of the most important and intangible factors—their boss. How well did you get along with that prospective manager? Did you like him or her? Do not push aside important factors like your potential relationships with managers and co-workers in favor of a big salary.

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Choose the feasible one over losing offer with grace
Once you have made your decision, congrats! But before you pop the champagne, take the time to politely turn down the other job offer. Thank the employer for their interest and keep the door open for future conversations. You never know when you will be on the job search again and want to explore new opportunities there.