Handshaking possess influence beyond expectations. Making it professional and powerful can make unbelievable impression on the other party. Begin with making your handshake the business and powerful one. We have previously discussed the former steps to begin with flawless handshake. If you have missed it, check it now!

How nailing the handshake can land the job? – Part I

Give it a pump or two
It’s important to be in the moment and not rush a handshake. See it as an act unto itself rather than just something you do to get to the other side of it. As for how long the handshake should last, a few factors come into play like geography, industry and culture. In New Jersey, people give five to seven pumps or up-and-down motions, in one handshake but California, which has more of a casual culture, is more of a “one-pump” state.

If the dress is more casual for the business, it has fewer pumps and if it’s more urban, it tends to be more pumps. It varies across industries, too. For instance, in health care, it might be one shake but it might be slow and lingering due to the nurturing nature of the industry. You can look for more details with Healthcare Recruiters. Alternatively, in tech and IT fields, handshakes tend to be faster and choppier. Mostly recruiters recommends, going to networking events to pick up on these subtle (but important) differences.

Now you can let go and continue your interaction. Hopefully, all of that went well and you’re set up on a positive note. But sometimes, no matter how great you feel your handshake is, the encounter can still fail due to awkwardness on the other side. Maybe the person doesn’t like to be touched or is a major alert to germ-phobia.

Focus on the positive
Do not get worried or upset by the failure. Even if your great handshake isn’t reciprocated, you’ve sent the right message. It is a way of connecting with someone on another level aside from a conversation. It has a warm greeting to extend your hand and smile.

Repeat all of the above
At the end of the interview or conversation, shake hands again as a way to seal the deal. Think of a handshake like a period at the end of a sentence or like a wonderful exclamation point. Make sure to say something positive while you are reaching out such as I have really enjoyed meeting you and think I could hit the ground running in this position.

This way, the recruiter such as Senior Living Recruiters will associate the last handshake with confident statement from you. It actually anchors you as a person who is strong, powerful and positive.

What are you waiting for? Grab a friend and start sharpening up your shake. Make your first impression the best impression ever!