Business Handshake may seem to be simple handshake to you but in the world of business, it means a massive act to decide a lot. It is often counted as the first impression which lies on your way to make it the best. You need to under that the secret to getting a job is in your hands—LITERALLY.

Whether attending networking event or going for an interview, your first impression strongly lie in your handshake. A good handshake has the power to both diminish the impact of a negative impression and make a positive interaction even better. Believe it or not, you can either make it or screw this up with a single handshake. An awkward handshake can depict a lot more than you expect.

If you come across Healthcare Recruiters, you better ask for the value of handshake in business life. In an effort to leave nothing to
chance, we want to help you get the handshake right the first time and every time.

Advice of all expects possess a piece of advice that different contexts require different handshakes—different
grips, different timing. Here are few of the essentials of an outclass handshake. Check them out!

Be the first to reach out
When you first meet someone and exchange hellos, you should be the one to make the first move. It depicts your confidence. Recruiters are worried that you might not have interpersonal skills. They’re looking to see if you feel confident enough to bring out your hand before they have.You can initiate the handshake from between four and six feet out.

Lock eyes
Eye contact is an absolute must. The idea here is not to get lost in your interviewer’s eyes. It’s to let the person on the other side of the desk know that you want to engage in a handshake. So, as you’re locking eyes, begin to extend your hand.

Get the grip right
Put your hand out, tilt the fingers down and scoop up into the handshake—instead of just sticking your fingers out and letting the other person grab it. The hand’s web goes up into the web of the other person’s hand, so you get full palm-to-palm contact.

Hold on firmly
Give the person’s hand, a firm grasp to set the tone that you’re confident and you own it. Eliminate flimsy, wimpy handshakes from your repertoire. Keep it brief and purposeful. For further information, you may check out any Executive Healthcare Recruiters.

Be careful
There is such thing as being too firm. Someone once squeezed her hand so hard that it actually hurt. Please don’t injure your interviewers.

To be continued…