Every new manager messes up at some point. Obviously, they can as it is a humanly factor. Though it is but it is possible to avoid and cater them flawlessly. What really matters is whether he or she responds with grace and humility, is quickly able to formulate and enact a recovery plan and learns from the mistakes — things that not everyone does.

Here, we have identified 10 of the most common new manager pitfalls.
Failure of Communication and Managing in all Dimensions

Your direct reports are your most important priority. True or false? False! They are very important but do not make the fatal mistake of forgetting about your new boss and peer managers. You need to manage and communicate up as well as down — not to mention sideways, so your team does not become disturbed. Check out its importance for healthcare facility with Healthcare Recruiters.

It is natural to want pleasing others, establish credibility and make a big splash. But target those wins carefully. Try to get comfortable saying, “I don’t know yet, but I’ll get back to you.” Promising too much too soon will backfire and erode your credibility.

Doing instead of managing
Although there is nothing wrong with rolling up your sleeves from time to time to help your team accomplish a pressing goal, you are now being paid to direct and oversee others’ work — not do it yourself. So do not keep doing what made you successful as an individual contributor. Instead, focus on helping others do their jobs well.
Prefer Newfound power instead of Resentment or Pressure

Expecting good results simply because people are supposed to listen to you might seem to work at first. But those results will be built on a foundation of resentment and fear, rather than goodwill and trust.
Set high expectations but actively welcome alternate ideas and integrate that feedback into your plans. Also, explain why you would like people to do things. You do not want to be the managerial equivalent of a parent who says, “Do it because I said so.” How to apply this condition in Senior Living Community? Check it out with Senior Living Recruiters.

Changing things that are better left alone
Finally, you have your chance to do things your way. You cannot wait to make some big changes and show how great you are at this whole manager thing. Not so fast! Just because something seemed like a good idea from where you sat as an individual contributor or just because something worked in your previous company, does not mean it is the right approach.

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