Becoming a manager may sound easy but handling this position can be difficult at times. As a humanly factor, it is normal to make mistakes when you become a manager at initial stages. Here, we have enlisted few tips to make sure you avoid making such mistakes. If you have missed the previous ones, check it out here.

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Here are some other ones:

Aligning yourself early on with any one person or group
Do not assume you understand the politics of your new situation, even if you were promoted from within. Instead, spend the first few weeks getting to know key stakeholders and their relative political standing in the organization. Who has been successful selling their ideas? Who has not? Who influences big issues like budgets? Once you know the answers to these questions, you can position yourself accordingly.

Badmouthing the previous manager
Regardless of whether you are replacing someone terrific or terrible, keep your opinions to yourself. Dragging someone else through the mud usually sullies the dragger as much as — if not more than — the drag-gee! How badly it can affect the environment of Healthcare Facility, do inquire one of the nearest Healthcare Recruiters.

Acting like another One of the Gang
Do not pretend that the new power dynamic that goes along with your job does not exist. It does. While you can still have great rapport with your team, you need to put fairness above fraternizing. Be careful about going to lunch with the same crew every day (if you want company, invite everyone on your team). If you socialize with direct reports outside of work, try not to talk about it around others, who might feel marginalized and wonder if it’s going to hurt them on their performance reviews. You get the idea! You’re the manager now. Act like one.

Falling prey to “Analysis Paralysis”
Some new managers get overwhelmed by all of the options and information coming at them and just freeze. Take a week or two to get a lay of the land, and then decide on a course of action. It is better to move forward with something that is 80 percent of the way there than spend precious time crafting the “perfect” plan.

Unknowingly repeating one of your past managers’ bad behaviors
It is natural when something goes wrong. We draw on memories of things we have seen before. If you had good managers, no problem! But many of us have had bad managers (whether we realize it or not). Beware of replicating negative behaviors instead of forging a healthier path. Check out its importance with Executive Healthcare Recruiter for healthcare facility.

Avoiding major mistakes is the beginning of the new manager’s journey, not the end. It takes years of small steps and daily effort to become a truly great manager. In the meantime, there are three things every new manager can do to improve:

Get a mentor,

  • Do a lot of reading on the topic of management
  • Practice, practice, practice!
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