As discussed previously, positive attitude is what will make you progress in professional life. Boss is never bound upon the talent as keeping the environment of the office for maximum output is prior and core destination. Make sure you are always the perfect fit for the position and office. If you have missed the previous one, check it out now…
Important 10 Don’ts in the First 30 Days of Work – Part I (On page URL)
Elaborating its importance with healthcare department, Executive Healthcare Recruiters are always looking for efficient and polite candidates along with the relevant credentials. If you have been related to this department ever, you would be known to the factor of behavior judgments. Make sure you are a fabulous candidate and you retain your professional throughout the career.
Check out the remaining don’ts as a new hiring for stable future in any company. Give it a look!

      1. “Because I’m in charge.”
        Even if you are a senior team member, there is no point to throw your weight around in such an obvious, heavy-handed way. Lead by example as it will increase productivity.
      2. “I tried my best.”
        Kick out the word try but just do it! In the first 30 days of job aim to achieve expectation of boss, lead and colleagues. It is okay if you do not exceed but at least go parallel. Adding value and contributing to the team to maximum of your potential should be your goal. Instead of making excuses, try making strides. Believe it, your boss will appreciate your firmness.
      3. “At my previous job, we used to do it like this…”
        No Comparison or Previous Stories! This might sound tempting or slips out frequently, make sure it does not more than twice. Do not give an impression to your new colleagues as you are unable to leave the processes of your past roles. Embracing new tools, procedures and tactics will lead you to success. Once you’ve learned the protocol, feel free to suggest tweaks or efficiencies.
      4. “That makes no sense.”
        Getting confused at new place, with new people is perfectly fine and natural. However, do not sound negative but simply ask probative questions to understand what your colleague is saying or asking from you. Such as, you may try: “I want to understand more, can you give me the background?” It will show up as a positive and honorable attitude.
      5. “I quit.”
        Factually, it is common to face ups and downs in professional life. No matter what, keep your cool always. Even if you are contemplating jumping ship, do it gracefully.
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