If you’re mid-career and think all interviews are the same, no matter your level, think again. Preparing for a big interview for a momentous step up in your career should not be overlooked. To help make sure you know what to expect and how to nail an interview for a Senior-level position, here we have shared some advice on the interview process.

The necessary skills for a senior level job
Just as any position would require a set-level of skills, before you interview for a senior position, make sure you are a qualified candidate that has the necessary skills for the job. If you are hoping to work in a senior level position, the best thing you can do right now, or before an interview, is make sure you are the best candidate, and much of that involves developing skills in management, conflict resolution, problem solving and giving feedback.

“The workplace is littered with folks who are technically component but managerially inept, if you can give feedback, hold yourself accountable, help teams function better, and get the work done, you’ll be seen as the best candidate for the job.”

If the position has less to do with managing a team and more to do with technical skills, you still need to have decent communication skills, so that is an area to focus on during your interview where you can highlight how well you communicate with your co-workers. How it works for healthcare facilities, check it out with Healthcare Recruiters.

Network, network, network!
If you are interviewing for a senior level position, you cannot just sit back and approach it as if it’s your first job interview. You have to network and be in communication with the other senior leaders if you want to make a strong impression.

“If you get the job, the result is that you must regularly communicate with other senior leaders and outside stakeholders. You must know how to play well in the sand box with others even if you don’t have direct reports. Although, we may not want to admit it, the workplace is full of politics and work is usually done through others. It is important building relationships while getting the work done and it is a key to deliver results without destroying relationships or making enemies-particularly at the senior level.”

The answer: leadership.
Honing should be on your leadership skills if you want to land a senior level position. For further explanation, we can say that the ability to do many things that are all labeled as important without getting stuck is a huge part of being a senior level worker. You also need to be able to manage your stress without blowing up and be able to adapt for many different changes.

Possessing all these qualities and showcasing your readiness to be a strong and efficient leader will help set you apart in an interview.

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