Start your resume with Summery of Experience!

We wonder, does your resume start off with an “Objective” section?  If so, it shouldn’t!

Your resume is the very first impression you make on a hiring manager or recruiter.  Think of it as your website, your storefront or just the first representation of who you are.  Keep in mind that you have only seconds of the attention of a recruiter or a hiring manager and you want to make sure you grab their attention from the first line.  Everyone knows that a typo or misspelled word can be disastrous, landing your resume in the no pile. But you might not be aware that the Objective Section of your resume can potentially do the same.

At one point, people were routinely advised to start their resume off with an Objective paragraph, something that explained the type of position they were looking for and the kind of work they wanted to do. But times change and we have to change with the times, on order to move forward.  Now, an objective line is seen by most hiring authorities as redundant and pointless; it’s obvious that your objective is to get a job or you wouldn’t be applying.

Your goal should be to impress the company you are wanting to work for, from the very beginning.  How can you make them feel like “You had me from Hello”.  Anything they really want to know about you and why you are the right person for their company is what you should be focusing on. It is wasted space, and prime space at that – right at the top.

This is why the present advice is to replace your outdated Objective line with a Summary section. Use this section to present your most relevant skills, experience, and accomplishments in a focused and short summary format. This is a great place to tailor your resume to the job description and include key words.  Put that in here and you’ll make it easier for ATS scanning software or human eyes to find those keywords and push your resume to the top of the pile.

Even if you don’t replace the Objective with a Summary, just eliminating it will automatically make your resume more attractive to recruiters and hiring manager alike, by making it more up to date.  So make a quick change to your resume and get noticed for the right reasons, reasons that will get you to the next step – an interview!


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