No matter how many interviews have you given or how comprehensive guess you make, you still cannot be sure of what exactly is going to happen at the job interview. Have you ever been scared? What mistakes you made the first time you gave interview? Unfortunately, there comes few moments where hiring manager questions you which make your mouth fall open. Other times, an interview goes to some abnormally personal things regardless of fact of intention. This list of questions contains inappropriate and illegal questions as well. Here, we have enlisted some major illegal questions which you are never supposed to answer along with the tips to help you respond accurately.

  1. How old are you?
    Job Interviewers are permitted to dig as much as they want to in accordance to education and experience but age is something entirely irrelevant. Accordingly to various human resource experts that this question seems really innocent but interviewers are prohibited to ask for it. Though there are chances that employers won’t question but there are other multiple ways to ask for it like; when did you graduate from school/college? If you sense it, ignore the question and jump to skills and experience you have come up with. You may even go smoothly like, ‘My age is a secret but I am old enough to work for you.’
  2. Any kids or plans for it?
    A percentage more than 75 of senior level women is asked about their family lives and plans. Obviously, it affects the confidence of women whereas the ratio of applicant refusal is huge due to expected maternity leave in coming future. Though asking about time schedule for your maximum availability is appropriate but questions about kids and family are completely off the table.
  3. Married?
    Another job interview No-No is asking about relationship status. Interviewers commonly ask questions to which answer reciprocate about your family life. But they could also be making assumptions about your level of commitment to the job. Worst case scenario, someone could use this to discriminate against your sexual orientation. If you sense an interviewer is veering into overly personal territory, steer the conversation back to the job at hand. You may seek to look for recruiters in your interested posts such as Healthcare Recruiters.
  4. Origin Country of You and Your Parents
    Quite a major problem people commonly face is about asking for race, origin and ethnicity. Although an employer can ask if you’re a U.S. citizen, they shouldn’t pry into where exactly you or your ancestors are from. If you’re worried about these types of illegal interview questions, another potential response is to talk about where you’re currently living.
  5. Salary for your last job?
    Though it is a commonly asked questions but few cities and states forbids employers to ask for the past salaries. Philadelphia, New York City and Massachusetts, for instance, all bar hiring managers from asking about past salaries. If employers base their salary decisions on past salaries, they’ll just keep up this divide. Before heading into an interview, prepare to talk about salary expectations. Discuss your expected salary not your current or past. You can look for more answers with the help of Senior Living Recruiters.

These were the top five questions you may face in regards to the job interview but you are entirely eligible not to answer them. They hold the level of being illegal to be asked from you as a candidate.