Time has gone when being a candidate was actually nothing less to be scared for. Being interviewed, analyzed, judged, questions accepted or rejected was all tough to manage or bear. So much was on mine and due to less awareness; there was no option for candidates to go prepared.

Now the time has come whereas job candidates are bringing their A-game to interviews. They are prepared, well-researched, confident and sure that this is the job for them. However, we have all been in interviews where the recruiter or hiring manager was too busy to give you the interview you deserve. You know the type: rushed, disinterested, and simply “dialing it in.”

Before you walk away from another interview wondering, “Was I really that bad?” consider the alternative. You may not have recognized the red flags during the interview. Hone your interview skills by being on the lookout for companies that just are not bringing their A-game. Here are 7 interview red flags to watch out for this year, check them out!

Company Culture Conflict
When you browsed the employer’s profile, there were pictures of fun company off-sites, team building activities and collaborative meetings but then you arrive to find drab cubicles and employees who look less than thrilled to be working? This is what we call a company culture conflict. False advertising is a Big NO! And if you are noticing that a company touts one thing but you see/experience/head something radically different, that is a red flag.

Informed candidates, like you, should have a good understanding of the company’s culture, products and goals. You should mention company updates, photos, videos or other things that you see on an employer’s profile. Plus YOU should ask poignant and specific questions. If what is professed is not what comes through in the interview, take note.

Job Description
You have read the job description more than a few times, plus you have circled and highlighted the skills and requirements you know you meet. However, now you are on the phone with an interviewer and you are not quite sure whether they are asking you about the job you applied for or one that they just made up.

We encourage employers to get prepared for interviews by reading the job description as well as the candidate’s resume. They should be able to tell you exactly what the role requires, who the role reports to, what the team is like and what the day-to-day responsibilities might be. Watch out for interviewers who dance around specifics or seem to have forgotten the role they are hiring for. If you face any trouble for job in health care facility, you
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Lack Luster Leadership
The job may be everything you have ever dreamed of and the team may seem like you would want to go to happy hour with them once a week, but it is important to evaluate the leadership of a company as well. Like the captain of a ship, company leadership decides on the direction of the business, what is important, what deserves resources and ultimately makes key decisions about future possibilities.

According to few researches made, the number one factor of company culture that matters most to a satisfied workforce is the opinion of senior leadership. Be sure to ask questions about the company leadership and look for qualified candidates and Senior Living Recruiters at AIMCHR for healthcare facility.

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